IObit Uninstaller

Useful tool for deleting programs from a PC


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  • Program license Free
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  • Size 13.54 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8.1
  • Program available in English
  • Program by IObit Information Technology

IObit Uninstaller removes unwanted programs from a machine within minutes. The program scans a Windows device for installed files and programs. A variety of additional features are baked directly into the software as well. Unlike other solutions, this particular option provides more comprehensive results. Powerful features and a simple user interface make IObit Uninstaller a great program worth downloading today.

Downloading and Using IObit Uninstaller

The software comes in a lightweight installation package. After installing the software, users can get started right away. IObit Uninstaller automatically searches for programs and files stored in a given device. Users then see a list of all of these files and programs. From there, they can select the files they want to remove from a device. IObit's software then removes the files in question right away.

All Windows users have uninstalled programs and deleted files before. Unfortunately, most people feel like this process is cumbersome and slow. The default Windows uninstaller often leaves data from programs and files behind. IObit Uninstaller completes the uninstall and data deletion process in full. Users don't need to worry about data lingering on their machines after using this uninstaller.

What makes IObit Uninstaller better than other solutions?

As previously mentioned, Windows uninstaller doesn't perform a thorough job. The same holds true for most uninstallers from third-party services. IObit created a better uninstaller that completely removes data from desktops and laptops. During regular use, the software identifies all files associated with a program before wiping the device. Powerful scanning features ensure this process is completed without compromise.

IObit Uninstaller allows users to delete programs and files in bulk. They can select hundreds of programs, if desired, to remove in one click. Plus, other useful features can be found within the program. One feature searches for updates to software and drivers on the Windows machine being used. The paid version of IObit Uninstaller lets a user automatically update their machine's software in minutes.

The Final Verdict On IObit Uninstaller

Should potential users download IObit Uninstaller today? Few uninstallers provide as many features as IObit's solution. The free version of the program contains most of the features users might use daily. In the end, IObit Uninstaller rises above competing programs and even outshines Windows' default uninstaller. A given user doesn't need to pay for this program in order to reap many benefits from it.


  • A simple user interface provides access to powerful features
  • The uninstaller provides a complete device wipe of programs and files
  • Many features are included with the free version of the software


  • Some of the best features are locked behind the premium version
  • Pop-up advertisements occur within the program's free version
  • Manual update feature in the free version is tedious to use
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